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Slack is a real-time messaging platform that allows members of a team to easily and efficiently communicate.

Slack + Perfect Tense Integration

Grammatical mistakes can go unnoticed in spoken conversation, but when written, even simple errors become painfully obvious. When added to Slack, Perfect Tense will proofread your messages and let you know when it finds any spelling, grammatical, or stylistic mistakes.

Perfect Tense will give you corrections for each mistake. All you have to do is accept the correction and you can have your message automatically updated.

Slack Integration Tutorial

How to Make the Most of Perfect Tense with Slack

Chances are, you've heard of the messaging platform Slack. Slack's real-time messaging allows members to easily communicate, improving workplace efficiency. However, this move to text-based messaging is exposing an embarrassing flaw for some employees.

Imperfect grammar can fly under the radar when spoken, but when typed out, mistakes become painfully apparent.
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