Grammar correction. Anywhere.

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Integrating Perfect Tense is as simple as adding one line of code to your website or platform. Once added, all your users will automatically have their text checked for spelling and grammar errors.

Guarantee 100% User Adoption

Perfect Tense fits right into your site, so your users will never need to download, install, or sign into anything to improve their writing.

With Perfect Tense, you'll know that everyone has an intelligent proofreader whenever they are on your site.


Enforce Quality Control

Because Perfect Tense is being used by everyone, you can set higher quality standards across the board.

Perfect Tense can require all of your users to address all spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting.

By enforcing quality standards, Perfect Tense will improve your users' content while saving time and cutting overall editing costs.

Expect Intelligence

Our algorithms understand the context and meaning of text to properly identify and fix errors with unparalleled accuracy.

Perfect Tense catches hundreds of different errors; from simple spelling mistakes to complex verb agreement issues.


Integration Made Simple

We will custom fit Perfect Tense to work seamlessly on your websites. All you need to do is tell us where you would like to add Perfect Tense and we will do the rest.

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