Let’s transform the way people communicate. Together.

Our Mission

Perfect Tense's mission is to use artificial intelligence to create seamless solutions that transform the way people communicate.

We Are a Team

We are ambitious individuals empowering each other to foster growth, both professionally and personally. Our inclusive culture spans beyond just eating lunch together, we are friends outside of work as well.

As a team, we believe in a safe-to-fail environment where everyone engages in continuous, constructive feedback and transparent communication. We strictly enforce a ‘no jerks’ policy - we have zero tolerance for workplace politics and toxicity that interferes with our ability to work, learn, and grow.

Our Default Mode Is Creating

We don’t call ourselves creators just for the sake of saying it. Perfect Tense is a creator-focused company where every employee has an equal opportunity to impact the lives of as many Perfect Tense users as possible. The creators mindset is so deeply rooted in our culture that every single employee (including non-technical) at Perfect Tense has pushed production code at least once.

Our culture is designed to ensure an environment where creators can fully focus their time and energy on building solutions that impact our users. We run light meetings and work in small teams that allow for more autonomy, encourage ownership of work, and avoid bureaucracy. We mean it when we say each person at Perfect Tense has a voice and makes an impact.

We Are Growing, Profitable, and Uncompromising

Perfect Tense may be considered a “startup” since we are a young and growing company, but we are different in several important ways. Perfect Tense is completely bootstrapped and has never taken money from outside investors. Other startups have to sell their souls to venture capitalists who care more about making a quick profit than the long term goals or values of the company. We have been profitable from day one and that lets us pursue our long term goals unencumbered by the short term whims of investors. We are in it for the long haul.

We are on the ground floor of a very impactful mission that will transform the way millions of people communicate. To effectively execute on our ambitious vision, together as a team, we value agility, failing (and learning) fast and leading by consensus.

We Push the Envelope in Artificial Intelligence

We aren’t looking to create just another social media sharing widget or the next free-to-play game. Perfect Tense was born out of a desire to find a market application for artificial intelligence that helps people communicate better. We solve real problems by taking nascent technology and applying it to how people communicate.

More importantly, every decision we make is centered around the monumental goal of solving problems with real artificial intelligence. Intelligent text correction is just the small beginning of an ambitious vision to transform the way people communicate.

Benefits & Perks

Careers at Perfect Tense