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WordPress is a completely free open-source content management system. WordPress allows you to easily create and host your own blogs, and is currently being used by over 60 million websites.

Perfect Tense WordPress Plugin

Publishing blog content with errors can cost you credibility, readers, and sales. The Perfect Tense plugin for Wordpress will proofread your past and future posts to eliminate spelling and grammar errors from your text. You can choose to have posts with errors flagged for review or automatically corrected and updated or published.

WordPress Integration Tutorial

Automatically Correct Spelling and Grammar in WordPress

You probably already know that having spelling and grammar mistakes in your content is bad for your bottom line. But here are a few facts: BBC stated that spelling mistakes are costing millions in lost online sales; Disruptive Communications found that spelling and grammar mistakes will do the most damage to a person's opinion of a company or brand; and Real Business cited that 59% of people "would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website or marketing material".
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