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You use lots of different tools to get work done. Zapier allows you to easily connect those apps together so that you can automate tedious tasks.

Zapier + Perfect Tense Integration

Zapier was built so that anyone could set up integrations without needing to code anything. You can connect your favorite apps with Perfect Tense to flag or automatically correct errors in any content. You can use any of our pre-built templates or build your own workflows from scratch.

Zapier Integration Tutorial

Integration Templates Powered by Zapier

These templates are the easiest way to add Perfect Tense to an app. You can use them exactly as they are or as inspiration to build your own custom integrations.


Publishing blog content with errors can cost you credibility, readers, and sales. These templates allow you to catch and correct errors in your blog drafts before they are published.


It could take thousands of hours to proofread every piece of content in a database. These automations will alert you about errors you need to look at or even automatically make corrections for you.


Spelling and grammar mistakes are easy to miss when reading over your own writing. These automations can proofread entire documents at a time and find mistakes you might have missed.


Even a simple mistake can become a big deal when it is sent to thousands of people at a time. This automation will alert you if there are errors in your campaigns before they are sent.

Personal Proofreader

Type or paste any message into your personal proofreader and get back a fully corrected version of the message that is ready to send.

10 ways to correct spelling and grammar with Zapier

Good spelling and grammar are critical to creating clear and credible content. Studies have shown that content errors dilute the message and make readers think twice about trusting a brand or returning to a page. You might think having correct spelling and grammar is a given, but even billion dollar companies get caught making mistakes.
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