Good spelling and grammar are critical to creating clear and credible content. Studies have shown that content errors dilute the message and make readers think twice about trusting a brand or returning to a page. You might think having correct spelling and grammar is a given, but even billion dollar companies get caught making mistakes.

While finding and fixing most mistakes is rather straightforward, fixing the last few errors can be hugely time-consuming... but it doesn’t have to be. With Perfect Tense, you can proofread entire articles at a time to find all errors in a matter of seconds.

If you don’t already know, Perfect Tense is an intelligent spelling and grammar correction tool that understands the context and meaning of text to properly identify and fix errors. And while Perfect Tense has an editor where you can correct any piece of text, you can save even more proofreading time by using Zapier to connect Perfect Tense to the other tools and apps you use.

Zapier allows you to add the power of Perfect Tense to any app in their directory. Here are 10 ways you can correct spelling and grammar using Zapier:

1. Automatically correct content in Google Drive

Save time editing by having Google drive content automatically corrected and saved as a new proofread Doc.

2. Get notifications about errors in PostgreSQL tables

Instead of manually reading through all the rows in your PostgreSQL database, have Perfect Tense only notify you about low-quality content that needs your attention.

3. Get notifications about errors in HubSpot blog articles

Publishing a blog with errors is embarrassing; have Perfect Tense point out errors in your HubSpot blog posts before they are published.

4. Get notifications about errors in WordPress blog posts

You are not limited to only correcting HubSpot blogs; Perfect Tense can also catch errors in WordPress blogs.

5. Get emails about errors in Google Docs

Create a final safeguard that will notify you if your documents have errors.

6. Get notifications about errors in MailChimp campaigns

There is no undo button when sending emails, and mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. Get notifications about campaigns with errors before they are sent.

7. Automatically correct PostgreSQL rows

Proofreading an entire database could take weeks, but Perfect Tense can automatically correct and update grammar mistakes in each PostgreSQL row.

8. Automatically correct MySQL rows

Depending on the database you use, correcting and updating MySQL rows could be the way to go.

9. Get emails about errors in Knack records

Get email notifications about errors to make sure the content on your site or app always leaves a good impression.

10. Create a personal proofreader in Slack

Instantly eliminate errors in your messages or text using a personal channel powered by perfect Tense.

These are just 10 examples of ways you can add spelling and grammar correction to your favorite tools. With Perfect Tense and Zapier, you can create an automated grammar safety net in any app to make sure that all your content is error-free!

Check out this video to see how Perfect Tense and Zapier work together!

Go to Zapier’s Perfect Tense integration page to start building your own Zaps!

If you don’t already have a Zapier account, click here to get started!

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