By now, most people in the SEO industry are more than familiar with the various animal named updates that have made it nearly impossible to rank without high-quality content. One of the most famous ones is Google Panda, which directly targets on-site content quality and severely penalizes sites that have spelling and stylistic errors or were not edited well.

In the past, churning out tons of content was a great way to make sure Google kept indexing your Tier 1 and Tier 2 sites. But now, that could be doing a lot more harm than good... Unless all that content is high quality.

WordAi is an extremely efficient way to automatically generate content, but even it isn’t perfect. We developed a Perfect Tense integration that fixes any spelling or grammar mistakes in your content so that Google views your content as high quality.

By adding Perfect Tense to WordAi, you can safely reap the benefits of spun content knowing that it will have the quality of manual content. But don’t just take my word for it… the integration speaks for itself:

Before you spin, you have two options for how Perfect Tense will correct your original content.

The first is to have synonyms added as spintax. This is helpful when you are manually editing spins and want more control over the corrections that Perfect Tense is making.

Here, you can see the two original errors, and how Perfect Tense automatically added the corrections as synonyms. This setting is perfect for Tier 1 content or when you only need one spin per original article.

The second option is to have Perfect Tense correct your content, then spin it. This is perfect for when you need pure automation and want all your Tier 1 and Tier 2 content to be more unique with better grammar.

With Perfect Tense set to “Correct Then Spin,” the same corrections were made as before, but WordAi was able to add its own synonyms on top of the corrected text. If you compare this to the “Add Corrections as Synonyms” option, you can see that the sentence is even more unique since even the not spun words are different than the original text. Plus WordAi applied more intelligent synonyms that made a much higher quality sentence than the original.

Perfect Tense is also integrated after you spin your articles to give you a final check of your content before you use it.

Even high-quality synonyms can sometimes be combined in a way that doesn’t make sense. For example, “{I|You} {might|am going to} be late.” has synonyms that make sense in all combinations except one.

*This is especially useful if you use the first “Add Corrections as Synonyms” setting since the grammatically incorrect words are still in the spintax.

So all you have to do is click “Proofread with Perfect Tense” after spinning, and you’ll have a final safety net to make sure that your spun content is ready to publish.

Google keeps evolving, and if you want your sites to rank, you need to evolve with it. Using Perfect Tense with WordAi will give you the leg up you need to keep up with Google and stay ahead of the competition.

Both products come with a free trial, so you can test the ranking power of automatically generated, high quality, grammatically correct content without having to pay a single cent.     

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