Integrate AI-backed spelling and grammar correction into your product or workflow.

Perfect Tense offers both API and JavaScript integration methods to help you add spelling and grammar correction directly where you need it.

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Intelligent spelling and grammar correction, anywhere.

Choose between our API and JavaScript library to build a completely custom spelling and grammar correction integration or readily add a dynamic solution to any website, platform, or system.

Customize the correction process with our API

Use the Perfect Tense API to display mistakes for users, automatically correct certain mistakes, and provide data on aggregate content quality.

The API gives you complete control over how and when you send text to Perfect Tense and offers multiple response types and parameters that you can display however you choose.

With the API, you can build an automated solution that corrects critical mistakes to provide instant improvements to any type of text, with no human effort required.


Provide a dynamic solution with our JavaScript library

Use the Perfect Tense JavaScript library to instantly provide a dynamic spelling and grammar correction solution directly in your platform, website, or system.

The JavaScript library handles all the logic of sending text and underlining mistakes as a user is typing and can be added to any text area with a simple snippet of code.

Because the JavaScript library is embedded, it is easily available for all users without requiring them to download or install anything.

Build intelligent solutions

The flexibility of our API and JavaScript integration options will help you add spelling and grammar correction to any workflow in practically any industry.

What types of mistakes does Perfect Tense fix?

Perfect Tense uses the context and meaning of text to identify thousands of types of mistakes and suggest accurate replacements. Here are a few of the different spelling and grammar mistakes that Perfect Tense catches:


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