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The Perfect Tense JavaScript library allows you to add dynamic spelling and grammar correction to any text area with one line of code.

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How does Perfect Tense’s JavaScript library work?

The Perfect Tense JavaScript library handles all the logic for sending text and underlining mistakes as a user is typing. All you need to do is add the following JavaScript to your website, and you will have intelligent spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction exactly where you need it.


How it Helps


Perfect Tense catches errors ranging from simple misspellings to quantifier misuse and everything in between, resulting in higher quality text.


The intuitive correction process combined with Perfect Tense’s proprietary spelling and grammar correction technology allows users to catch more errors, faster.


Perfect Tense fits naturally into text areas so all users can have spelling and grammar correction without having to download or install anything.


Core Features


Perfect Tense uses the context and meaning of text to identify thousands of types of errors and suggest accurate corrections.

Quality Control

Perfect Tense offers JavaScript callbacks that can optionally require a user to address all errors before submitting their text or moving on.

Easy Integration

The JavaScript library makes integrating spelling and grammar correction extremely simple for both plain editors and complex WYSIWYGs.



Perfect Tense has a zero data retention option available for enterprise customers, ensuring private data is never stored on our servers. This option can be extended to include full HIPAA compliance for medical customers.


For more control building custom integrations, Perfect Tense has a robust API with available SDKs. Click here to view our API documentation.

Custom Development

We work alongside enterprise clients to tailor rules and functionality to their specific needs. Contact us to discuss custom development requests or requirements.


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