Simple installation, intuitive correction

Perfect Tense was designed to easily fit into any text area on any website or platform to deliver high-quality spelling and grammar correction for any users.

Comprehensive spelling and grammar correction

Perfect Tense uses cutting edge technology to understand the context and meaning of text in order to suggest accurate corrections for thousands of types of mistakes.

How it works

Perfect Tense was designed to fit on any website or platform to offer users corrections as they type. Our solution uses a JavaScript library that can be embedded in three easy steps:


Perfect Tense was designed to work right out of the box, but we built in features that allow you to tailor corrections to your needs as well as help you evaluate and control quality.

Customizations for your style

Technical dictionaries

Perfect Tense has technical dictionaries to help it understand industry-specific language, such as medical terminology.

You can choose to have Perfect Tense use technical dictionaries so it will know to make industry-specific corrections.


Selecting your dialect tells Perfect Tense to identify and correct various spelling and grammar mistakes using either US or UK standards.


Evaluate and control content quality

Grammar score

Perfect Tense helps you understand the quality of your text by calculating an overall grammar score.

This score is calculated based on the frequency and severity of errors and updates when corrections are accepted or ignored.

Quality control

The grammar score can be used as a threshold to control content quality for any user who is submitting text.

Perfect Tense allows you to block the submission of text until a user's grammar score has reached your preset threshold to enforce quality control.

Enterprise features

For clients who require special considerations and controls, we offer the following:

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