Simple installation, intuitive correction.


Perfect Tense is an AI-powered spelling and grammar checker that can be easily embedded in any text area. With Perfect Tense, every user on your site can eliminate mistakes without having to download or sign-up for anything.


Thoughtful design

Perfect Tense’s minimalist design complements any website and provides a native spelling and grammar correction solution for all users.

Intuitive workflow

The correction workflow was developed to be the most efficient way to proofread text. The quick-edit process helps users instantly understand how to use Perfect Tense and encourages them to immediately fix mistakes.


Context-based intelligence

Perfect Tense’s artificial intelligence uses context to identify mistakes ranging from simple typing errors to complex subjunctive issues.

Editor Support

Perfect Tense is compatible with nearly all plain text and rich text editors. This includes content-editable, plain text, CKeditor, TinyMCE, Draft.JS, Telerik, and many more.


Browser Compatibility

Perfect Tense was also built to be compatible with all the most popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and others.

Enterprise features

If you would like to discuss any enterprise features or requirements, contact sales.

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